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Guideline for Conduct and Sportsmanship

It is our desire that all competition be conducted on the highest level and that every player, coach, parent and other member associated with the Geneva Lacrosse Club shall emphasize, by word and action, the virtues of
team spirit, healthy competition, and sportsmanship.

Mission and Expectations for Conduct and Sportsmanship

A primary goal of the Geneva Lacrosse Club is to, within a competitive and learning environment, provide players with opportunities and direction in developing:
a positive attitude
respect for rules, themselves, and others
healthy living habits

Participating in the Geneva Lacrosse Club is a privilege.

And with privileges come expectations the highest of expectations.

And if we do not individually, and as a Club, meet those expectations, privileges can be lost.

We all of us associated with the Geneva Lacrosse Club will be held to the highest level of sportsmanship and personal conduct and accountability.

We expect all to know, understand and abide by our Guideline of Conduct and Sportsmanship.

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